In need of a new site or to renew your existing one? SD is here to help.

Does your site frequently outdated because it depends on intermidiates to be alter text or include images? What if you or your staff could do itas in a social network?

If your are a designer or has a design shop and needs help developing a website, portal or intranet, SD is here to help ypu trhough the design, coding, implementing and administration.

You choose who's the admin, your team or SD

SD sites run on an easy to use content management system, allowing you to be autonomous to administer and update content.

If you prefer, let SD do it for you.

Administration Options

System Administration
Usually delegatet to professionals, includes CMS and extensions updates, managing user accounts and access levels, debugging and safety management.
Content Management
Managing article creation, text inclusion and editing, images treatment and insertion, publishing scheduling (publish up, publish down, archiving).

The decision to delegate or not the content management depends on the availability of skilled people in-house. Dealing with a large volume/frequency of content to update may be overwhelming.

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