SD can support your design/development team along the requirements assessment, coding or making tests and evaluations.

Reduce rework and increase your client's satifaction using design principles with theorical base associated to practical experience.

Practice Theory

Bonding years of hands-on practice to academic knowledge, along with systemic and managerial views, SD can offer guidance during the developmet and evaluation of both tangible and intangible products:

Usability Evaluation
Through the use of established, well-known methods, as Heuristic Evaluation, Cooperative Evaluation and Task Analysis;
Screen layout
Correct positioning of screen elements (menus, search boxes, results display, shopping cart, etc.), screen layout assessment through Michael Bernard's method;
Information Architecture
Defining quantity, grouping, sorting and labeling menu items. Semantic coding, tagging and distribution of content by subject/relevance. The use of keywords and descriptors for content and content cathegories;
Symbols and Icons
Evaluation of visual quality (size, resolution, use of colour) and comprehensibility in the representation of things and actions;
Testing and evaluation of site performance, in general or for specific sections, taking into account hosting, CMS performance, use of images, quality of coding, etc.;
Produtc Ergonomics/Human Factors
Check your workplace or product design for safety, comfort and performance. Grasp and reach, handles, gauges and controls layout and design.
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