SD was created in 2000 to offer TI project managing services. Today SD is focused on CMS customization, portal management, interface design, usability and responsive/PWA consulting services.

This comes as a result of SD founder, Carlos Bahiana, a product designer who is a specialist on Ergonomics/Human Factors and MSc in Product Engineering, with ongoing experience in website development and server administration since 1997.

During 2010 and 2011 Carlos Bahiana was responsible for the Web environment with file sharing, event scheduling and messaging services used on the planning and operational phases of the 5th World Military Games of CISM. This experience led to another contract with similar specifications, used by the security team of Rio+20 World Conference.

Since 2009 has also been responsible for developing and managing websites for the Rio de Janeiro State Health Agency, including it's main Portal, which he took from the archaic method of editing one file for every page by hand to the use of a CMS, allowing much more freedom and flexibility on the update tasks, offering richer and more dynamic content.

Some recent work on Joomla includes:

The knowledge on usability and accessibility came naturally from the combination of Ergonomics/Human Factors study with the Web experience. This knowledge allowed another work front: teaching and coaching usability and accessibility research and practice. Some of the former students became colleagues with remarkable professional actuation.

To know more about Carlos Bahiana, visit his LinkedIn profile.

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